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Simeon Peebler started out in the early 1980s programming his Commodore 64 and making his own games and music when he should have been doing "more appropriate" things. Flash forward to the present day; after years in game development and technology, he works as a game designer and programmer and has been working the last few years in teaching game design and game development at a leading digital arts college in Chicago Tribeca Flashpoint Academy In 2011, Simeon created Brain Bump, a trivia game for the Amazon Kindle. He also has been working on composing original music and songwriting (go to his songwriting site and hear his latest album).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Midway in Chicago Reveals Business Challenges

The game business is brutal, and this really interesting interview proves what a challenge it can be. Midway is right in Flashpoint Academy's backyard! I do like the information that is presented in this piece that suggests that over 60% of heads of households in the US are now video game players (although I will have to check this out in further detail -- this classification may only suggest that this population has indeed at one time in their lives played a video game based on survey results).
"Where combat is really mortal
Midway Games chief finds real-life competition as dangerous as screen game"