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Simeon Peebler started out in the early 1980s programming his Commodore 64 and making his own games and music when he should have been doing "more appropriate" things. Flash forward to the present day; after years in game development and technology, he works as a game designer and programmer and has been working the last few years in teaching game design and game development at a leading digital arts college in Chicago Tribeca Flashpoint Academy In 2011, Simeon created Brain Bump, a trivia game for the Amazon Kindle. He also has been working on composing original music and songwriting (go to his songwriting site and hear his latest album).

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Global Game Jam 2010 at Flashpoint Academy a success!

After 48 grueling hours, the Global Game Jam at Flashpoint Academy in 2010 has come to a close! After a tense strict afternoon deadline, four games were ready to play and were presented to our panel of guest judges which included Chicago game developers from Robomodo and TapMe. Incredible effort and sweat went into these games and often times the results are best measured by what happened off camera. These were team efforts 100% of the way, and it shows in what they were able to achieve in a few short hours given the theme provided by the Global Game Jam officials (theme: "deception" and games must use one or more of the following words: "man, a plan, or a canal").

Flashpoint Academy Results:

Game: Operation Scorch
As the gunner of "Hot Lips" an AC-130 gunship with the experimental "Scorch Deluxe 3000" laser, your mission is to "laz" the ground targets
Flashpoint Academy Award for Best Use of an Alternate Controller

Game: Entity
A groundbreaking exploration into the deceitful nature of humanity
Flashpoint Academy Award for Best Art and Sound

Game: Man Who Cried Wolf
Gather as many unsuspecting people while crying wolf
Flashpoint Academy Award for Best Arcade Game

Game: Hide & Haunt
Hide & Seek in a old rundown mansion
Flashpoint Academy First Place Global Game Jam 2010 Award

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flashpoint Academy Global Game Jam 2010 first report

On Friday, January 29th, Flashpoint Academy students across multiple disciplines came together to join in a worldwide event called the "Global Game Jam 2010" held at universities and game studios around the world (well over 1000 participants are now working in 38 countries! -- these crazy people are known as "jammers"). At Flashpoint's sound stage in Chicago's Merchandise Mart we started a 48-hour marathon to build games according to parameters kept secret from our jammers until the launch of the event at Flashpoint at the start of their 48-hour adventure. Jammers at Flashpoint are working in teams of about ten students to build these games by 3 pm on Sunday local time.

This year the theme is "deception" and jammers must include one or more of the following in their games: a man, a plan or a canal. Key outcomes include providing an intense opportunity for jammers to collaborate and work together in "crunch mode" doing what they love doing...making games. This is not a school assignment and it is not a business-driven game studio console game effort. These jammers are the true artists of the future. This weekend will stay for them for the rest of their lives.

We have a few special guest "judges" for the end of the weekend where we will allow the teams an opportunity to present their games to the judges. Teams will be awarded recognition in different areas, but only one game will get trophies for top honors here.

I started the ball rolling at Flashpoint after we had a student team join in with the wonderful people at DePaul who graciously invited them to be a part of the experience there in January of 2009. We would have been there again this year but we had such high interest here that we had to set up our own location. After months of preparation and the efforts and dedication by a really enthusiastic team of staff and we are, starting up day 2. I am honored to be directing our location, but I could not have done it without them -- and without our really amazing students who surprise me from time to time when they finally realize that they have the potential to do anything in the world they want to do.

More updates to follow.