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Simeon Peebler started out in the early 1980s programming his Commodore 64 and making his own games and music when he should have been doing "more appropriate" things. Flash forward to the present day; after years in game development and technology, he works as a game designer and programmer and has been working the last few years in teaching game design and game development at a leading digital arts college in Chicago Tribeca Flashpoint Academy In 2011, Simeon created Brain Bump, a trivia game for the Amazon Kindle. He also has been working on composing original music and songwriting (go to his songwriting site and hear his latest album).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Join New Mailing List

Please follow the link to join my music mailing list! Once a month I'll send out updates and of course I'll never give your email address to anyone. It turns out that facebook artist pages are kind of lame for updating friends, family and fans on my musical adventures, so if you click this link, that's the best way for me to stay in touch. Plus I'll be sending out exclusive new music to my mailing list periodically, so please join now! Thanks for your support!!!