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Monday, October 20, 2008

Flashpoint Students Win Game Design Competition

I am proud to announce that in one of the leading active game design competitions regularly managed by (part of – the game industry’s most important news and job site), we have had more brilliant success by our advanced year two game design students!

Recently Jeff Koerber, year two student, received an honorable mention in a similar design competition on “How to Make Monopoly Fun.”

This time, the challenge was "Create a brand new game that uses the Guitar Hero controller." and students Patrick Mousel and Ben Gettleman were at the top.

"Best Entries
Patrick Mousel, student at Flashpoint Academy, Chicago, Elevator Frenzy (see page 2)
Elevator Frenzy is a little like Diner Dash in that the player is an employee who provides a service to patrons, managing time and prioritizing tasks in order to maximize gains. Of all the submissions, we felt it made the best use of the control system in a unique way.


Ben Gettleman, Lumberjack! (see page 4)
Admittedly, we're suckers for Monty Python references; couple that with the mental image of a plaid-clad tweenager hurling a plastic guitar around his mother's living room, and this game idea was just too funny not to highlight. Bonus points for describing a less dangerous two-player option! (In his last paragraph, though, we would like to ask, which "popular lumberjack films," exactly, might you be referring to?)"

Go to the above link for the rest of the entries.

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